Charles Macarthy - Finance and Insurance Director

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Charles Macarthy, Finance and Insurance Director for All Seasons RV, is a financial planning and insurance expert with more than 13 years experience helping people realize their purchasing and financial goals. With extensive experience working in multiple financial markets, including real estate, aircraft, and recreational vehicles, a degree in Business and Master Level Financial Planning, and licensure as a Life/Health Insurance Agent, Charles is well equipped to help customers realize their All Seasons RV purchasing goals.

Charles is an approachable and well-respected here at All Seasons RV. He works closely with our customers to understand their unique financial needs and with lenders to tailor loans, delivering competitive rates and finance options within the customer's budget. He is especially skilled and is able to distill complex financial terms and conditions into every-day language. He takes the time to answer customers' questions and alleviate their concerns.

In his free time, Charles enjoys spending time with his Cocker Spaniel/Pointer mix, "Jet,"

Jet Macarthy

Jet Macarthy.


He is an alumnus of Meyers University and an active member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Northeast Ohio Financial Planning Association, and the National Aircraft Finance Association

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