Dan Golden

Here's my story...for now

Since 2002,  I have been helping RV'ers, new and experienced find the RV to best suit their family needs. If you come to All Seasons you will see why they call me Little Dan.

Any who, within these  years I have won many certificates and achievements just so I can give you guys all the right information. Some of my schooling includes; Forest River, Arctic Wolf, Cherokee, Freightliner, Open Range, Sporttrek, Flagstaff, Grey Wolf and Sonic. Traveling to different plants to see how these units are put together is very useful in this business.  I appreciate learning about all of the units we supply, it makes my job and your visit a lot easier.

I am a nature and a Harley Davidson lover. There is nothing more peaceful than being surrounded by the wilderness. When I go riding, I like to stop at a park and lay back and look at the trees.

My time is spent with my kids, Jessica, Branden and Samantha. Jessie is 21 and she blows me away by how beautiful she has become. The boys also have noticed and this scares me - she is still my little girl (always will be). Brandon "Little Dude" is 16 and he is just like me. I hope he grows out of it soon. Samantha is 17 and I hope she never grows out of the "boys have cooties" stage. Happiness is what drives me. Simple everyday bursts of heaven is what I live for.

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