Portable RV Water Softener

Upgrade your RV with a portable water softener.

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Some campgrounds have hard water. Hard water contains high levels of mineral ions like magnesium and calcium. The increase of these minerals can make your morning coffee taste nasty and your skin feel dirty after a shower. It also has a negative effect on your RV’s plumbing and fixtures.

Use a portable water softener to get clean and good tasting water wherever you go! The best rated portable RV water softener is the Flow-Pur RV-Pro 10,000 water softener by Watts. While there are more expensive water softeners out there The Flow-Pur has the best reviews because of its ease of installation, using table salt instead of softener salt and its relatively small size of 8” wide by 22” high. All Seasons RV’s Accessories Etc Store has the Flow-Pur in stock.

Contact Jeff, our parts manager, for more information on stock availability and special orders.

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